Macromedia Flash Professional

"An interactive software for creative imaginations"

Macromedia Flash Professiona is a leading 2D animation maker in its category. It helps to design websites and develop web applications also. It offers more advanced controls, drawing and animations are lighter than ever with new visualization tools. New flash professional CS5 is rich in professional features like text engine, XML-based FLA source files, code snippets panel, creative suite integration, action script editing, object-based animation model, inverse kinematics, advanced native drawing tools, video improvements and support an extensive number of device runtimes. This release has specially added decorating tools for designers. Pros:1) Plentiful features, 2)Improved work flow environment, 3) Support for the FXG 2 format, 4) Support Flash Player 10.1, Flash Lite 4, and AIR2, 5) A centre for modern devices. Cons:1) CS5 generating applications which run on all mobiles, but useless for apple I phones, 2)Lost features like PICT, PNTG TGA and SGI files. However, compare to other products which comes in this category this is an absolute as well. I doubt that there is no software available popular and users friendly software like flash professional. If you are a programmer and using flash professional for daily, you should get this release. If you are a designer as well this software will give you a good starting point for learning.

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